The DeliverySafe is the ultimate foil for porch pirates and it could save your holidays

With everyone stuck in COVID quarantine for much of the year, online sales for Amazon and other retailers have gone through the roof. That means more and more packages coming right to your door, to the sheer delight of a more loathsome brand of COVID opportunist: the porch pirate.

Thieves taking off with delivered packages have been put into overdrive this year, with research finding more than 25 million packages were stolen over 90 days between March and May.

Deterrents like doorbell cameras help, but if you want to make sure your packages never fall prey to crooks, the DeliverySafe Lockable Insulated Box is an iron-clad means of defeating porch pirates once and for all.

Crafted from 18-gauge steel, this box looks like you put a freezer unit outside your front door. But with all of its security features and temperature controls, you've put a secure, climate-regulated vault in place for delivery people to make sure your packages and meal deliveries go off without a hitch.

The box features an easy-lock combination system that will only open to a code of up to 15 digits. Once that information is included in your account notes with various delivery services, all the driver has to do is key in the code, and put your stuff in the box. At over 2 feet long and more than a foot deep, the box is large enough to hold most packages and deliveries safely. It's also weatherproof, capable of protecting your packages from sun, wind, rain, or snow.

If you get your groceries delivered or have meals dropped off by Postmates, GrubHub, or another delivery service, you'll also appreciate the box's insulated interior, which maintains the temperature of your items to reduce the risk of any food going bad.

The DeliverySafe also comes with all the hardware needed for securing the box to decking, concrete, or asphalt to ensure your items never, ever, ever go anywhere.

With holiday deliveries ready to touch down on your porch any day now, the DeliverySafe Lockable Insulated Box is the perfect means of defeating thieves definitively. Regularly $499, you can take an extra 15% off the already discounted price of the DeliverySafe by taking advantage of our Pre-Black Friday Sale with coupon code SAVE15NOV, as well as for other products sitewide, for a limited time. 

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