Open a new world of DIY electronics with a handheld game system kids can create themselves

If you know a kid, then that means you might know a kid who wants a PS5 or an Xbox Series X. There's no question that the new next-generation gaming consoles are true marvels, but beyond playing games, there is another side of this activity that could fire up a kid's imagination or personal ingenuity in a whole different way.

Instead of answering a kid's request for a new gaming system with an expensive new box, the better answer might be to build one. That's the genius behind the Nibble Educational DIY Game Console.

On the surface, the Nibble is a cool little handheld retro gaming console. But, it's actually a clever educational tool, engaging a child to learn about electronics, programming, and all the fun they're capable of creating all by themselves.

The Nibble is the new-and-improved version of the MAKERbuino, which sold thousands of units since debuting in 2017. The Nibble is the distillation of the past three years of MAKERbuino learning, incorporating faster, more powerful components and improved processes to help kids create their own gaming hardware, program their own games, and generally turn the passive act of playing games into the active act of DIY creation.

Made for kids 9 years old and older, this kit comes with everything needed to assemble the Nibble. There's no prior knowledge needed, and all the tools are included, including a soldering iron. While that may sound intimidating, many kids can assemble the Nibble by themselves in about two hours.

Then, the real fun begins. The console comes preloaded with four retro-style games inspired by cult classics, like the Pong homage Bonk, the space shooter, Invaderz, early mobile favorite, Snake, and the very Asteroids-esque SpaceRocks. 

While those games are certainly a blast, the real draw is the ability to use the CircuitBlocks code editor to actually create your own games. Much like Scratch or, the CircuitBlocks interface is made for beginners, using embedded programming to put games together. Kids can amass their own library of different games, many sparked by their own imagination.

The Nibble Educational DIY Game Console is regularly priced at $79.95, but as part of the Boing Boing Store's Pre-Black Friday Sale, you can take 15% off this item and others site-wide, by entering the code SAVE15NOV during checkout, for a limited time. That drops your final total down to only $67.96.

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