Adam Jones from Tool's gorgeous short film announcing his custom guitar

Tool's Adam Jones directed and composed the music for "The Witness," a short film announcing his 1979 Les Paul Custom guitar. Accompanying Jones on the gorgeous, expansive score are Tool bandmates Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor. Along with being a guitar virtuoso (duh), Jones is a hyper-talented visual artist, film director, and veteran special effects designer. He is quite the Renaissance wizard.

Produced & Recorded By: Tim Dawson; Additional Engineer: Toshi Kasai; Mixed By: Evil Joe Barresi; Visual FX/CG: Matthew Charles Santoro; Additional Visual FX/CG: Tyler Jones & Dominic Hailstone; Guitar Scanning: The Scan Truck; Producer: Todd Harapiak; Executive Producers: Cesar Gueikian & Adam Jones; Artist Relations: Peter Leinheiser

(via Daily Grail)