Italian police use a Lamborghini to deliver a donated kidney 300 miles in two hours

Apparently the Italian police own a Lamborghini, and recently they used it to transport a kidney to a new donor — screaming down the highway at an average 145 miles per hour. They made it from Rome to Padua in two hours, with the kidney refrigerated in the trunk.

As Jalopnik notes, this "may be one of the most Italian things that has ever happened."

The police posted a video of it on Twitter; holy moses can that car accelerate …

As The Drive writes …

The Lamborghini Huracan they used, which was specially modified for such tasks with a refrigerated frunk, was obtained by the Italian police back in 2017. Speedy organ delivery isn't its only job, though. In fact, it's a regular patrol vehicle for the department with lights, a police computer and other equipment necessary to perform traffic stops and arrests. [snip]

It's unclear why a helicopter or something of the sort wasn't used, as that would've likely been even faster. Perhaps none were available, or there would've been a delay to get one. That's not to say this wasn't an effective use of the Huracan's 5.2-liter, 602-horsepower V10, though. If anything, it's probably one of the best ways to use a supercar.

(The Creative-Commons-3.0-licensed photo of an Italian police Lambo, above, is courtesy Wikimedia)