Join Thom Dunn and "Nobody People" author Bob Proehl for an online convo about writing, whiskey, and X-Men

In a parallel universe where our federal leadership didn't utterly botch the handling of a massive pandemic through sheer belligerent inaction, there would still be things like "literary festivals." And one of those events would have been SpringWrites in Ithaca, New York.

And if that festival had taken place in person as planned in early May, the final event would have been a conversation with myself and Nobody People author Bob Proehl, drinking whiskey and talking about comic books and writing and shit. 'Cause that's how we headline.

Alas, that was not to be. Instead, we get to celebrate "SpringWrites" online in November. So if you're looking for something to do starting at 6:15pm on Sunday, November 22, I would suggest that you register to attend this sure-to-be-delightful Zoom chat with me and Bob Proehl. Here's the official event description (which is not far off from what I've already told you):

Author Bob Proehl reads from his new novel and talks about superpowers, xenophobia and who's the best X-Men character with playwright and musician Thom Dunn.

If you're lucky, Bob and I may even indulge in our shared obsessions with Phillip K. Dick, David Bowie, and Southland Tales. More likely, we'll just end up talking about why Cyclops is the best sociopath who's also a superhero.

Proehl's most recent books are the "Resonant Duology," a literary twist on superheroes and social justice which is comprised of The Nobody People (which I previously reviewed here on BoingBoing) and The Somebody People. Bob was also a helpful beta-reader for How To Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart, my upcoming literary sci-fi novel about an addiction support group for conspiracy theorists who accidentally blow up reality.

Bob Proehl in Conversation with Thom Dunn — 6:15pm on Nov. 22 [SpringWrites Literary Festival]