Most Republicans think Biden stole the election

An opinion poll conducted by Reuters found that 52% of Republicans believe that Joe Biden stole the election from Donald Trump through widespread election fraud. 68% of them think the election was otherwise 'rigged' for Biden.

The poll showed that more Americans appear to be more suspicious about the U.S. election process than they were four years ago.

Altogether, 55% of adults in the United States said they believed the Nov. 3 presidential election was "legitimate and accurate," which is down 7 points from a similar poll that ran shortly after the 2016 election. The 28% who said they thought the election was "the result of illegal voting or election rigging" is up 12 points from four years ago.

The irony is that the election system, especially the Electoral College, generally favors Republicans—and the vote-count delays that energized skepticism among Republican voters were engineered largely by Republican legislators.

Biden's messaging on unity made for a nice victory speech, but if he keeps it up for long he's going to be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.