"Ralph Steadman: A Life in Ink": retrospective covers career of legendary "gonzo" cartoonist

Known for his distinctive ink-spatter style and contributions to "gonzo journalism," counterculture cartoonist Ralph Steadman's career is examined in a new 368-page hardcover book. Ralph Steadman: A Life in Ink ($60) is available now.

From his satirical political cartoons to his sweet and sincere children's books, Ralph Steadman has had a remarkable and unique career. Well-known for his collaborations with iconic writer Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Steadman is part of the unlikely duo that created gonzo journalism in the 1970s with such now-classic books as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72. Since then, Steadman's art has appeared on everything from movie posters to sneakers, and he has created dozens of illustrated books, including illustrated editions of Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, and Alice in Wonderland. His work has been exhibited around the world and has won numerous international art awards. 

Now in his eighties, Ralph Steadman's popularity continues to grow. He was the subject of a recent documentary called For No Good Reason; he was featured in one of the last episodes of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and provided the cover art for Bourdain's last cookbook, Appetites; he designed the cover art for Travis Scott's album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho; and recently collaborated with Vans to raise awareness of endangered animals. He continues to create art every day in his studio in Kent, England.

images via Chronicle Books