The awesomely simple TimeFlip2 can keep your entire day on-schedule

Unless you're a ravenous clockwatcher, it's easy to work, tinker with a project, or do a basic activity, then realize the hour you thought you'd spend on it has turned into 2…or 3…or more. 

Of course, we're all busy people, so heavy time spent in one area usually means something else is getting the short end of the stick. If you want to keep better track of how much attention you're giving to each area of your life, or just do a better job carving out enough room in your schedule for everything you need to do, you may be interested in giving the TimeFlip2 Interactive Time Tracker a try.

The point of the TimeFlip2 is incredibly simple. It's really just a plastic dodecahedron, a 12-sided shape about the size of a baseball, for monitoring your daily activities. With a set of included stickers, you can load up each of the 12 sides with an activity that chews up part of your day. 

Then, you can just carry the battery-powered TimeFlip2 around with you. When you're about to start a meeting, turn the meeting side of the TimeFlip2 face-up and tap it–and that's it. The device automatically logs the time you spend on each activity. You can also set the TimeFlip2 with a Pomodoro timer, which lights an LED to make the device glow when you've hit a certain amount of time in your task. You can either stop what you're doing and move on, or continue. Either way, you're fully conscious of the time you're investing.

Later, the device can sync via Bluetooth to the TimeFlip app on your phone, to transfer the accumulated data. In the app, you'll get a true visual representation of where all of your productive minutes are going; and, it tracks those activities over time. 

As Global News points out, "[The TimeFlip2] is so easy because it doesn't take you out of what you are doing." Rather than spending time filling out tracking sheets or shifting focus from your work, this device boils it all down to a quick flip and a tap. There's nothing easier than that.

Regularly $99, you can pick up the TimeFlip2 Interactive Time Tracker now at almost 30% off, for just $69.99.

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