Update: Georgia Peach Corps fully funded!

UPDATE: The Georgia Peach Corps effort has been fully funded! I believe they have far exceeded the initial goal of $100k. The organizers thank you as Boing Boing readers led the charge! We donated almost $10k. The fine folks from The Georgia Peach Corps asked me to let you know that our donations and sharing of links gave them a lot of momentum. Thank you!

In addition to sending out postcards, I have donated to the Georgia Peach Corp and to Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock directly.

It feels like turning the two senate seats in Georgia blue would help things here a lot.

Georgia Peach Corps:

The Georgia Peach Corps is a nonpartisan voter education campaign created by a volunteer Los Angeles-based group to help inform and inspire voter participation in the upcoming Georgia special election runoff on Jan 5th, 2021.

The Sweet Georgia Ground Game: This Georgia Peach Corps campaign will focus on voter educa>on efforts including nonpar)san information about absentee ballot requests, early vo)ng, making a plan to vote and vote tripling. While many organizations pulled their ground game amid the COVID-19 crisis, organiza)ons across the Peach State are rising to the challenge of scaling up the COVID-safe in-person voter outreach methods that made the crucial difference in mobilizing new and infrequent voters in the state's 2020 elec)on. The Georgia Peach Corps will be enhancing these efforts using a coffee and donut truck to promote unique contact-free methods of nonpar)san voter educa)on and mobiliza)on. It is a safe, effec5ve, and fun way to engage voters!

The coffee and donut truck will target difficult-to-reach low-propensity voters by mee>ng them in their neighborhoods. The truck will come from the community, bring in local revenue, and serve free coffee and donuts while safely offering important and >mely informa>on to would- be voters. The truck will be instantly recognizable by it's bold "Sweet Georgia Ground" logo and dis)nct colorful wrap. Not only will we be saving our democracy, but we will also be employing local vendors in the part of the food industry hit hardest by COVD-19

How do we know this strategy works? We are working with Roaming Hunger, the premier mobile food truck industry expert. They have experience in registering and mobilizing the people that they feed in a COVID-safe way. They produced "Pizza to the Polls", "Vote.org feeding the 2020 elec)on campaign", and the "Black Lives MaXer Conversa)on Trucks". In their "Pizza to the Polls" campaign alone, they produced 68 specially branded trucks, that served 856,747 free meals, across 275 polling loca)ons, in 29 U.S. ci)es, over a 9-day period, serviced by 460 trained staff.