T-shirt and jeans is not the Mandalorian way

In the latest episode from The Mandalorian's second season, "The Siege", an anachronism was spotted by viewers. Some guy, presumably working on the movie, was visible in the background of a shot featuring the main characters in an Imperial space station.

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Unless the Empire does an extremely casual Friday this is one of those fun blunders that reminds us that shows/movies are still made by humans (See coffee cup on Game of Thrones set).

Crazy as it is that some joker is visible in a rolling shot that viewers would have to catch in a second or less, is that the still photo above was actually used as an official promotional photo for the episode. Hmmmm, could this be a covert ploy to get the series in view of a few more eyes by way of internet? Fine by me either way. This show deserves even more viewers.