Post-Covid McDonalds will surveil your approach and prepare your meal just in time

McDonalds is adapting to the pandemic and anticipating a post-Covid era in which diners overwhelmingly prefer drive-through takeout to dining-in and expect zero-wait service. You will order online and your approach will be tracked via Geofencing so that the fast-food conveyor may serve you instanteously upon arrival. Brian Barrett:

"Imagine what can happen once we start to know, 'oh, Brian's coming in to the restaurant,' and what we can do," says Brady. "We're quite optimistic that the benefits we're seeing now will only continue to accelerate." …

"All of this digital activity certainly creates a tremendous about of data," says NPD Group food and beverage analyst David Portalatin. "If I walk into a restaurant today physically, unless I'm really a regular they don't know my name, they don't know what I ordered last time I was there, or how often I come. But in a digital world the algorithm can know all of those things. It can inform better suggestive selling, it can inform new menu development, it can inform limited time offers that are really relevant to specific customer needs."