NRA admits it got looted by current and former executives

The National Rifle Association admits that it is aware of 'significant diversion of its assets', reports CNN. The organization's current president has "paid back nearly $300,000 plus interest" in a further admission that the NRA's current leadership is as sticky-fingered as it ever was.

CNN obtained the NRA's 990 tax return, which is meant for organizations that are exempt from income tax … The form names eight current and former NRA executives who it believes received "excess benefits," including its current executive vice president and CEO, Wayne LaPierre. Much of the disputed expenses involve travel and personal expenses, and the NRA states in the filing that it is reviewing whether board members "may have used first class or business class travel without authorization required under the NRA's travel policy."

Exposure of NRA's brazen corruption is like Sandy Hook: what people think will happen is the exact opposite of what will really happen. People thought Sandy Hook would re-open the gun control debate, but it in fact revealed that gun control is a dead letter in congress. Likewise, the extent of the NRA's corruption will only make its core supporters love it more. The corruption itself becomes symbolic of the elites they want to see prevail over the people they hate. See also: Trump.