The few Thanksgiving recipes I search for every year

If I put these here next-year I will only have to search once:

The Campbell's Green Bean Casserole Recipe: This is essentially vegetarian Tuna Noodle Casserole. I am always OK to skip this but my daughter and mother both demand it.

Emeril's Bourbon Sweet Mashed Potatoes: I love these, as does my mother. My daughter hates them. This is what denotes 'Thanksgiving' from 'Another Turkey Dinner' for me. I only make them at holiday time.

Bon Appetit Extra Buttery Mashed Potatoes: My father will complain about the dairy, as if there isn't heavy cream in the Sweet Mashed Potatoes. He and my mother will take lactose pills. There will be no leftover mashed potatoes.

I have made cranberry sauce before but the jellied stuff out of the can is what my daughter and I prefer. Stuffing comes from a box. Gravy I usually just buy a few jars as I am not entertained by making it. Turkey we've discussed elsewhere.

I will be preparing food for my parents, and delivering it, but we will be dining in our respective homes and joining the rest via teleconference.