Here are the 20 best selling e-learning bundles around for $20 or less for Black Friday

Chances are, there's a new skill you want to possess. A task you want to complete. A career plateau you'd like to reach. It's not often that Black Friday is anything other than a national celebration of rampant consumerism. But, right now is when Black Friday starts working for you.

That's because we pulled together the 20 best-selling bundles of course training we've got. All the biggies are represented here, from coding and app design to IT, cloud computing, and digital marketing. There's even training here on how to DJ. All these instructional superstars are assembled for Black Friday – and now, they're each an additional 70% off.

When you enter the code BFSAVE70 during your purchase, you'll drop the price on each of these down to $20. In many cases, even under $10. Now is the time to strike. Load up, save 'em, but get 'em now. This chance won't come again until…well, maybe next Black Friday.

Be a web creator

The 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle – $11.70 after promo code; originally $1,650

Even if you're just learning to program, this nine-course, 50+ hour package can be your ticket to a six-figure position as a full stack developer. Taught by top-rated instructors like Rob Percival and John Elder, this training digs into starter coding disciplines like PHP, HTML, and databases.

The 2020 Java Bootcamp Bundle – $10.80 after promo code; originally $990

An immersive beginner-friendly exploration of all things Java, this collection features 10 courses covering everything from basic syntax and commands to creating actual Java programs in the world's most used computer coding language.

The Certified Cisco Power User Bundle – $12 after promo code; originally $995

Companies have to have a knowledgeable, experienced network admin overseeing all their tech – and this collection includes five courses that cover all the ins and outs of Cisco hardware and software. The training is all focused on teaching users to pass the world networking giant's most critical certification exams.

The iOS 14 and SwiftUI Bootcamp Bundle – $7.50 after promo code; originally $600

App builders all want their work available on the iPhone – and SwiftUI is Apple's coding pathway for making that happen. This three-course package includes almost 44 hours of instruction in the most up-to-date methods and tools for building Apple-sanctioned apps and widgets that will succeed in the Apple App Store and attract downloads.

The Android Jetpack and App Development Certification Bundle – $8.70 after promo code; originally $1,000

But, SwiftUI isn't the only way to build an app. This 5-course, 41-hour training bundle explores other primary app-building tools as users craft their own Twitter and Tinder clone, using resources like Java, Kotlin, and Jetpack.

The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle – $6.30 after promo code; originally $1,200

Data analysis is one of the hottest business and hiring trends in decades – but that all starts with understanding how to collect, store, and organize that data in databases. Over these six courses, students learn all about that critical skill-set through tools and platforms like SQL Lite, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rest API, and Oracle SQL.

The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle – $10.50 after promo code; originally $799

Where data analysis begins, artificial intelligence and the mechanics of computer science and machine learning continue. These four courses include over 90 hours of training to explain how understanding Python and critical tools like TensorFlow are helping machines learn to think for themselves.

IT counts

The Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle – $20.70 after promo code; originally $3,486

In IT, little matters more than earning the pinnacle of a web pro's learning, a CompTIA certification. This bundle of 14 courses unleashes more than 300 hours of coursework that can get users ready to ace CompTIA exams and scoop up armloads of their highly prized credentials in fields like networking, security, cloud systems, and more.

The All-Level AWS Cloud Professional Bootcamp – $10.50 after promo code; originally $1,200

Speaking of the cloud, top admins have to understand how to build, manage, grow, and protect a company's entire digital network based in the cloud. Over six courses and 32 hours of training, students explore all the features for doing just that, as provided by the world's largest cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Ultimate 2020 White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle – $11.97 after promo code; originally $1,345

Knowing how to find, fix, and defend network vulnerabilities while identifying and neutralizing malicious hackers trying to exploit those weaknesses is the key to a six-figure job as a white-hat hacker. These 10 courses with nearly 100 hours of instruction go deep on cybersecurity, penetration testing, malware, and how to protect against all manner of digital threats.

Yay, science!

The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle – $8.70 after promo code; originally $1,195

With this package of nine courses featuring more than 60 hours of instructions, you'll earn a solid foundation in math topics that can set someone up for a high-paying engineering job. Algebra, applied calculus, and even data science may not seem quite so scary after this training.

The Electrical and Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle – $18 after promo code; originally $1,287

Electrical engineering is an evergreen career path – and, with the 13 courses collected in this bundle, you'll have the background to get into this lucrative job sector. From basic circuitry to designing electrical systems to even understanding how a substation works, this package has everything you need to get started.

The Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle – $15 after promo code; originally $2,391

This Raspberry Pi microcomputer can serve as the electronic brain for hosts of amazing electronics and robotics projects. This 15-course collection outlines several, featuring nearly 40 hours of training that includes specific Pi and robotics projects users can tackle, like building their own smart dustbin, a security camera, a GPS tracking system, and more.

App mastery

The Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Certification Bundle – $10.20 after promo code; originally $1,600

When it comes to photography and image editing, there's nothing like Adobe Photoshop. This collection of eight courses covers basic through expert-level training in how to get the most from Adobe's premiere photo manipulation tool, including layers, color, retouching, and challenges for shooting everything from landscapes to lingerie.

The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle Ft. Alan Jarvis and Chris Dutton – $12 after promo code; originally $1,732

Guided by certified Excel experts, this 10-course bundle gets inside this still vital data management app. Even novice users will get comfortable with everything from basic commands to complex operations like data plotting, auto calculation, macros, visualizations, and more.

More killer skills

The Ultimate Google Ads and SEO Certification Bundle – $15 after promo code; originally $1,791

Digital marketing is the key to business success in 2020 and beyond – and that means understanding how to reach customers in the virtual space. With nine courses covering nearly 30 hours, digital entrepreneurs get the complete download on everything from how to land at the top of search rankings, to how to ensure the best reach for Google ad campaigns.

The Official Unity Game Development Bundle – $7.50 after promo code; originally $800

With over four courses and more than 40 hours of training, you can build awesome video games. From learning C# programming, to understanding Unity's ultra-powerful Unreal game engine, to building games with the scope, and grandeur of a Hollywood production, the training is all right here.

The Premium DJing and Music Production Bootcamp ft. Ableton and Logic Pro X – $15 after promo code; originally $1,791

This collection includes nine courses covering almost 56 hours, breaking down three of the most popular Digital Audio Workstation packages around, including the powerhouse Mac-based Pro Logic X and its esteemed competitor, Ableton Live 10. With this know-how, you'll have insight into the songwriting, recording, production, and distribution of creating your own music your way.

The Complete 2020 Learn to Design Certification Bundle – $11.70 after promo code; originally $2,000

With this package of 10 immersive courses, a designer will have a full command of all the most popular software and graphic approaches to make any project come to life. That includes key Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more, as well as foundational programming skills in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle – $6.30 after promo code; originally $1,200

Over these six courses, you'll learn how to retrain your brain, hike up your reading speed, and actually retain more of what you read. With the aid of these steps, plus some incredibly helpful memory training, you could run through 300 different books in 2021 – and remember it all.

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