Trump hosts press event from tiny table, then rants on Twitter

Trump emerged late Thursday to talk to reporters in what turned out to be a fractious Thanksgiving press event. Trump claimed, falsely, that the "election was a fraud" and bickered with reporters. But it was the bizarre scene of a large man seated at an inexplicably tiny table that resonated online, with the hashtag #tinydesk trending and much laughter thrown his way.

"This is the Four Seasons Total Landscaping of tables," wrote Emily Nussbaum, referring to the bizarre press conference held by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani outside the D.C.-area business by that name.

Many pointed out the resemblance to an SNL skit from a few years ago; life, with Trump, now imitates even the most anodyne satire.

Trump, in response, ranted on Twitter that the hashtag #tinydesk was "totally false"—and demanded that the law be changed to make Twitter legally liable for what users post there.

Correction: Thursday, not Friday.