Here are 30 bestselling apps and streaming services on sale for Cyber Monday

While Cyber Monday is ostensibly about helping you save money on holiday gift ideas, the true sneaky joy of it all is scoring deals on stuff for you.

Friends and relatives are great…but let's not stop considering the home team in all this, OK?

Sure, any of the 30 apps and streaming services included here could make great gifts, but we're thinking this is a perfect time to stock up on professional and personal resources to maintain or even raise your game next year. And when you toss in an extra 40 percent off by using the Cyber Monday promo code CMSAVE40 during checkout…well, it's too inviting to pass up. 


DrinkTV Subscriptions – $11.40 after promo code; originally $60

Cocktails, spirits, beer, wine, food, with some critical comedy and lifestyle thrown in — that's the mix that creates DrinkTV. This streaming service celebrates stories and the lifestyle of the drinks culture as you learn cocktail recipes and watch booze-related entertainment like Zane Lamprey's new hit series Four Sheets.

History Hit TV Streaming Service – $29.99 after promo code; originally $99

From ancient times through the Ages right to our world today, this streamer serves up the history you likely never knew. With a vast library of documentaries, interviews, films, and even podcasts and new programming, this is how you get a perspective on the way the world has changed down through the centuries.

The Complete Entertainment Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus – $119.99 after promo code; originally $1,011

History Hit is just one of 12 entertainment services and apps bundled into this mega-package of cool content. In addition to this galaxy of streaming entertainment services and tech helpers, it also includes a lifetime of VPN Unlimited protection, as well as a 1-year membership to the PlayStation Plus service for a year of gaming overload.

Game Developer and Player Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus – $59.99 after promo code; originally $7,049

If you're more interested in creating your own fun, this bundle has you covered. In addition to the lifetime of VPN Unlimited and the year of PlayStation Plus, this collection also features five courses on game creation, using the powerful Unity game engine to build those games, and thousands of dollars worth of royalty-free game art and textures you can use to bring those worlds to life.


Bizplan Premium: Lifetime Subscription – $23.99 after promo code; originally $2,940

Here's how you get a great business idea up and running. With Bizplan's step-by-step business builder, you'll be able to break down your new venture into smaller, more manageable components — with a blueprint for tackling each — as you formulate a business plan that works for you.

GlassWire Elite: 3-Yr Subscription – $17.99 after promo code; originally $297

GlassWire is on constant patrol, an anti-virus protector tracking all the communication up to 10 PCs are having with the outside world. It's monitoring which apps on each computer are talking, whether that traffic is incoming or outgoing as well as who those programs are talking to, then neutralizing all threats.

LongTailPro: One Time (10,000 Keyword Lookup Credits) – $29.99 after promo code; originally $598

This keyword suggestion tool is the key to winning the SEO game. After their 7-day SEO Bootcamp, you'll identify the perfect long-tail keywords that can help turn serious online search traffic toward your content. Then, LongTailPro helps you monitor your success as well as keep an eye on what your chief rivals are doing.

PDFBEAR All in One PDF Software: Lifetime Subscription – $41.99 after promo code; originally $1,000

PDFBear can actually tame your PDFs. This software can convert a PDF to a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document or another popular file format so you can make edits, then save it right back to its original PDF state. 

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker: Lifetime Subscription – $23.99 after promo code; originally $600

WhiteSmoke is like having an editor read over and fix everything you write, from reports and documents to emails and texts. It checks your work for spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes that you definitely don't want the world to see, actually improving your overall writing style, tone, and clarity along the way.

Hubstaff Tasks Premium: Lifetime Subscription – $29.99 after promo code; originally $1,500

With built-in time-tracking, sprints, daily stand-ups, timelines, roadmaps, and more, this is an easy-to-use Agile project management platform that puts your whole project in clear focus.  With all the tools for helping a team work together and communicate, Hubstaff Tasks lets a manager know just how everything is going and where you need to make improvements.


Design Wizard Pro: Lifetime Subscription – $23.40 after promo code; originally $599

This fun and user-friendly graphic design app comes with its own stockpile of more than a million premium images, graphics, and other assets for your use. With its features, you can magically resize designs, upload your own fonts, photos, and logos or even create custom color palettes. 

Poser Pro: 3D Art and Animation Software – $47.99 after promo code; originally $349

Create amazing computer graphics with this 3D modeling software that specializes in crafting humans. From thousands of human and animal models, you can use different poses, morphs, clothing, hair, materials, and accessories to deliver powerful interactive 3D figure designs. 

Scopio Authentic Stock Photography: Lifetime Subscription – $17.40 after promo code; originally $3,480

Whip up dazzling presentations and avoid copyright infringement lawsuits with this royalty-free photo collection, offering thousands of images from talented photographers around the world. With this massive archive, you'll always have the perfect image for an ad campaign, social media post, digital marketing, and more. 

3 Million+ Design Assets Super Bundle: Lifetime Subscription – $29.99 after promo code; originally $12,189

This collection not only includes a lifetime Scopio subscription, but it also features two other services that can help take your design projects to the next level. You'll get a lifetime of access to both Flat Icons (with over 22,000 icons available for your use) and Vector Grove, with more than 1.2 million scalable royalty-free vector graphics.


Stone River eLearning: Lifetime Membership – $29.40 after promo code; originally $11,500

Stone River offers more than 300 tech training courses with over 2,000 hours of online learning on topics covering everything digital. From web and mobile programming to web design, game app creation, and 3D animation to popular web tools like Bootstrap, Unity 3D, and Java, there's a course here to learn it.

Speechify Audio Reader: 1-Year Subscription – $23.99 after promo code; originally $390

If you can't find time to read, but can listen while you commute or work, Speechify is right up your alley. They can turn virtually anything you want to read, from books and documents to news articles, into easily downloadable audiobooks. Speechify will help you learn faster and retain more, not to mention save you all kinds of time.

12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription – $35.40 after promo code; originally $399

If you've got 12 minutes in your day, this service will give you a complete micro book version of any of more than 1,800 books (and counting). Their titles cover everything from personal development and business to science and technology, all in easy 12-minute distillation available in both written or audio form.

Knowable Audio Learning Platform: Lifetime Subscription – $35.99 after promo code; originally $249

You can learn life-changing skills in these audio courses led by over 200 leading experts in their field. One of Google Play's "New Apps We Love," Knowable's roster of visionaries make learning how to advance at work, boost your productivity, or improve your relationships as easy as binging a podcast. 

The Complete eLearning Bundle Ft. 5 Lifetime Memberships – $59.40 after promo code; originally $12,709

The five memberships here aren't for access to single courses. They're granting access to entire archives of courses, hundreds and hundreds, crossing virtually every learning area possible. Training in business, personal development, programming, IT, and languages are all represented across more than 4,000 hours of instruction.

The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle – $47.40 after promo code; originally $2,957

Here's the five course collection that aims to turn you into a real-life, walking talking superhuman. You get Fitterclub to build up your body, MindFi to boost your focus and destress, 7 Speed Reading to take information faster, uTalk to learn a new language, plus Integrity Training with access to over 600 different online courses.


XSplit VCam: Lifetime Subscription (Windows) – $11.99 after promo code; originally $49

Instantly replace the backgrounds in your webcam videos without expensive green screens or complicated lighting arrays. XSplit also works with all the major live-streaming services so you can create podcasts, vlogs, game streaming, talk shows, video calls, and more that look professional-grade.

Mashvisor: Lifetime Subscription – $23.99 after promo code; originally $1,499

Mashvisor collects all the data out there about for-sale properties in your area, then tells you which ones could turn the biggest profits as rental or Airbnb units. In under 15 minutes with Mashvisor, real estate investors get the info it would take even knowledgeable real estate experts weeks to assemble. 

Rezi Résumé Software: Pro Lifetime Subscription – $17.40 after promo code; originally $540

Rezi wants to get you hired. Their service will help you create a resume that will hit the sweet spot with the automated resume systems many employers use to weed out job candidates. Your ATS-optimized resume will also get a thorough once-over from Rezi's own analysis software, putting your best foot forward to land your dream job.

LingvaNex Translator: Lifetime Subscription – $47.99 after promo code; originally $399

From text to audio to even words that show up in an image, LingvaNex runs it through their system and gives you a spot-on translation in any of 112 different languages. With LingvaNex, you can understand documents, figure out a strange foreign word you heard used, or even decipher the lyrics to that K-pop song.

Restflix: Restful Sleep Streaming Service Subscriptions – $29.99 after promo code; originally $99

Restflix is like Netflix, if Netflix was dedicated to getting you a good night's sleep. Offering more than 20 channels of sleep meditations, bedtime stories, calming visuals, and binaural beats, all this content is geared to earning you a deeper, more restful sleep each night. 

Relax Melodies Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription – $47.99 after promo code; originally $250

Relax Melodies is the most positively reviewed app in the history of the Apple App Store — and it delivers. This meditation app helps regulate your sleep through soothing sounds, bedtime stories, breathing techniques, and body-mind exercises. From insomnia to tinnitus to general anxiety, these sleep expert-approved techniques can get you the 8 hours of rest you need.

Koofr Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription (1TB) – $101.99 after promo code; originally $2,700

Clean out your devices and move all those stacked-up digital documents to your own 1TB of cloud storage space. In addition to fast file transfers and simple linking to other cloud accounts like Dropbox or Google Drive, Koofr also provides tools to weed out duplicate files, rename multiple files quickly and even customize your sharing links for proper branding. 

ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription – $35.40 after promo code; originally $1,200

ThunderDrive offers a lifetime 2TB plan with service speeds six times faster than Amazon storage and access through any web browser, including iOS and Android. Protected by 256-bit AES encryption and hosted in premier Tier IV data center facilities, stored files always stay secure and accessible to you when you need them. 

Degoo Premium: Lifetime 10TB Backup Plan – $89.40 after promo code; originally $3,600

Degoo is offering considerably more cloud space than their biggest competitors. If you bought three separate yearly $9.99 per month storage plans from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, that would net you 10TB of space between all three. Degoo is offering the same 10TB space as those three combined, all for life. 

Hushed Private Phone Line: Lifetime Subscription – $11.99 after promo code; originally $150

Hushed gives you the second phone line you need without the cost of an expensive second phone line. Now, send your business calls to a new number, while you keep your private line just for you. From now on, you can make calls or send texts with complete anonymity. 

Prices are subject to change.