They may look strange, but these wireless over-ear headphones are a 3-in-1 marvel

When a review begins by stating that the product stands as "the weirdest headphones you'll ever own," that has to at least get your attention.

And make no mistake, the Human Headphones are unquestionably weird. But then again, it wasn't long ago that AirPods looked weird dangling from people's heads too. 

Makers Human, Inc., have called their fitted earpieces the world's first true wireless over-ear headphones. And while that may look and feel a little strange to start, it doesn't take long with the Human Headphones before it's apparent how truly revolutionary they are.

Yes, wearing the Humans looks a little like wearing earmuffs, but these smoothly contoured earcups slide over your ears easily and sport an ultra-comfortable and secure fit. In fact, at only a third of the size and weight of similar over-ear headphone brands, you could argue that these are actually less distracting than their more conventional competitors.

The over-ear design also plays to their advantage, offering more confined and immersive acoustics than earbuds to deliver audio and passive noise blocking that AirPods and other wireless 'buds that naturally allow for more ambient sound can't match. And with 30mm drivers and beamforming microphones, the sound quality for listening to music or handling phone calls is absolutely top-notch. Simple touch controls also make it easy to adjust volume, receive and end calls, change music, and handle other basic functions on the go.

The Humans' unusual design also creates some cool hidden advantages. You'll probably grow to love letting the earcups magnetically snap together like a little audio Voltron, functioning as a neat and handy portable Bluetooth speaker.

The Human app also allows these headphones to function as translators, letting users hear up to 11 different languages translated into their native tongue. They'll also help guide your response or help ask a question in that foreign language. 

The Humans work at an extended range of up to 100 feet and rock a respectable battery life of up to 9 hours before needing a recharge.

Regularly $269, the Human Headphones are now available at a Cyber Monday price when you use the promo code CMSAVE20 during checkout. That drops your final cost on these innovative wireless over-ear headphones down to just $215.20.