Another mysterious monolith pops up in Romania

Last week, a shiny 12-foot monolith was discovered in Utah. Then, over the weekend, it mysteriously vanished.

Now a similar monolith has appeared on a hillside in Romania, standing where an ancient Dacian fortress used to be. This monolith looks almost exactly like the one in Utah, except it has scribbles scratched across its surface.

One explanation is that it's an art piece by the late artist John McCracken. From Vice:

An almost identical structure to the now-famous Utah monolith has been found across the world in Romania. This one has what look to be deliberate loop-de-loop scribbles scratched on its entire face and stands at about the same height as its Utah twin. This European monolith is placed only a few feet away from where an ancient Dacian fortress once stood, according to The Daily Mail

It's still shiny silver and still quite reminiscent of a John McCracken sculpture. McCracken was a skilled minimalist artist who died in 2011, according to The New York Times. The artist's son told The Times his father had talked about creating art meant for remote places before his death. The theory is inconclusive, but the David Zwirner gallery, which has hosted McCracken's work for decades, says it's indeed a McCracken piece.