Utah monolith was removed by annoyed "locals"

Ross Bernards wrote on his Instagram page that he witnessed the Utah monolith being removed by a group of men he surmised were locals. The 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque monolith, discovered in the desert only last week, vanished days later. How it got there will remain a mystery, for now, but its disappearance seems to be a closed case. [via Andy Baio]

4 guys rounded the corner and 2 of them walked forward. They gave a couple of pushes on the monolith and one of them said "You better have got your pictures." He then gave it a big push, and it went over, leaning to one side. He yelled back to his other friends that they didn't need the tools. The other guy with him at the monolith then said "this is why you don't leave trash in the desert." Then all four of them came up and pushed it almost to the ground on one side, before they decided push it back the other when it then popped out and landed on the ground with a loud bang. They quickly broke it apart and as they were carrying to the wheelbarrow that they had brought one of them looked back at us all and said "Leave no trace." That was at 8:48.