High school student newspaper exposes Nazi symbols in local police training videos

The Manual Red Eye is the student newspaper for DuPont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky. And lately, they've been doing some fantastic work reporting on the white supremacist infiltration of local law enforcement.

Following up on their story about a Kentucky State Police (KSP) training presentation that cited Robert E. Lee and Hitler—a revelation which led to the resignation of Commissioner Rodney Brewer—the Manual has now shared a clip from another training video, in which the production company featured in the credits utilizes the sonnenrad or "Black Sun" Nazi symbol as part of their branding.

This new training video, which focuses on the opioid epidemic, also reportedly blames the addiction crisis on Jews ("DOCJT" is the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training):

The training was approved in August 2020 according to documents from an open records request and was launched in September according to DOCJT.  Two instructors are listed as having compiled the training on different forms, but neither could be reached for comment. 

The video featured in the state law enforcement training is titled "America's Manufactured Opioid Crisis: The Hidden History of Heroin Pushers." The documentary-style video contains portions that pretend to provide credible historical information before becoming infused with anti-Semitic tropes and false claims of Jewish conspiracies approximately six minutes into the half-hour film.

"While some old-school Italian mafiosos may have had some objections to selling heroin, Jewish gangsters did not. Jews at the time dominated the drug business in New York," the full video says about thirty seconds after the DOCJT clip ends.


The company that created the video used by DOCJT has produced additional videos denying the Holocaust and supporting Hitler and the Nazis. Its founder, Kyle Hunt, organized a "White Man's March" against "white genocide" in 2014.

The kids are all right. The Neo-Nazi cops are not.

Kentucky law enforcement training used video with Nazi symbol [Satchel Walton / Manuel Red Eye]