Mysterious monolith shenanigans update: the one in Romania has vanished

Yesterday we posted about a mysterious monolith that had popped up on a hillside in Romania, which had followed the discovery and disappearance of a similar monolith in Utah. But since our post, the Romanian monolith has disappeared, with only a small indentation in the ground as a reminder of its short-lived existence.

From Vice:

The monolith's disappearance occurred Monday. It also happened to be the night of Saint Andrews Day—which is associated with supernatural activity like sinister wolves being able to talk and people turning into werewolves, according to the Romania-Insider.

"The monolith found near the archaeological site of an old Dacian Stronghold disappeared on the night of Saint Andrew, when reportedly, a bright light surrounded the object," Journal FM reported. "Locals thought the light came from a car, but the light pointed towards the sky."

Still no word on how the silver monolith arrived in the Romanian town of Piatra Neamt. This one was a seemingly more scrappy, off-brand version of its stoic Utahnian cousin, as its face showed scratches and etched designs mimicking that of notebook doodles. 

And in case you missed it, it turns out the Utah monolith was likely removed by irritated locals.