New album by John Shirley and Jerry King, "Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery"

Science fiction author, Blue Oyster Cult lyricist, and "cyberpunk patient zero," John Shirley, has also been creating music while doing all of those other things. His latest project is with guitarist Jerry King and it's called Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery.

I'm really enjoying this record. This review on Amazon does a good job of summarizing the diverse territory it traverses:

This album covers a lot of musical territory, from the heavy metal poetics of the first cut, "Pigzipper," to the Bowiesque "Why Am I So Weird?" "Iniquities" is a rock 'n' roll confessional whose sentiments will be achingly familiar to any number of social misfits, while the Lynchian histrionics of"Puppet Dance" are reminiscent of Tom Waits.

The evocative sound sculptures of "Machinery of the Sea" and"Silicon Embrace" provide backgrounds for Shirley's surrealistic narratives, while "High" is a lyrical, folk-inflected number about thoughts going through the mind of a man who's just fallen out of an airplane.

Have a listen here.