John Waters's fave films of 2020

The great Pope of trash, John Waters, revealed his top 10 favorite films of 2020 for Artforum. Here are his top 3:

(Tyler Cornack)

A jaw-dropping, deadpan, bowel-bonkers thriller about a heterosexual dad who after a routine visit to his proctologist becomes a serial killer and inhales his victims up his ass, I kid you not. First a dog, then a child, and finally the very cop who pursues him. The finale takes place inside Dad's rectum. Ah, they don't make 'em like they used to!

 (Carlo Mirabella-Davis)

What can I say? I love movies about people who consume foreign objects into any bodily orifice. This psychological horror film features an unhappily married woman who is driven to eat marbles, thumbtacks, batteries, and household knickknacks; shit them out; then wash and display these items like trophies in her own home. This picture even has a happy ending—abortion. Don't ask why. Just watch. You'll see.

 (Craig Zobel)

A hilarious political-exploitation film that depicts a civil war between antifa and Proud Boy types that now seems almost prophetic. Betty Gilpin, in one snarling climactic scene, gets my vote for Best Deplorable Actress of the Year.