Kesha interviews Alice Cooper about ghosts, demons, UFOs, and shooting your drummer in the foot

Pop star Kesha has a new podcast called "Kesha and the Creepies" which is all about the occult and other weird shit. Here's the official description:

Kesha and the Creepies explores supernatural subjects and alternative lifestyles with today's most exciting pop culture guests & supernatural experts. Kesha's curiosity for all things unexplained drives fascinating conversations that span non-traditional spirituality, psychedelic art, & all things creepy.

In the debut episode, she speaks with horror rock icon Alice Cooper, with whom she has been regularly snorkeling. Kesha talks about her sexual encounters with ghosts, particularly while she lived in an allegedly haunted house in Nashville; Cooper, who I learned is a Christian, believes that Kesha's experiences did not involve ghosts but rather demons, and the two discuss the different possible motives for each of these supernatural creatures to fuck with people at all. It's both weirdly fascinating, but also way too chipper and casual to really get into anything deep. Which makes it even weirdly fascinating.

Cooper also suggests that COVID-19 could be an alien lifeform, and reminisces about the time he drunkenly shot a hole through his drummer's foot, which inspires Kesha to call her drummer and ask if she could do the same.

Kesha and the Creepies [I Heart Radio]