Win a chance to hang with Mona Lisa

Much like a person getting a physical, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa gets a regular inspection each year. The 517 year-old is taken out of her temperature-regulated casing for experts to give a once-over. This time, you could be in the room where it happens, as the Louvre in Paris is auctioning off the chance for one lucky winner from the outside world to witness this rare event.

Like many institutions where masses gather the Louvre experienced shutdowns due to Covid-19. This revenue generator will use the proceeds for a new educational space.

Other on-line auction items the Louvre is offering include a private tour, a torchlight tour and a private concert, as well as Cartier bracelets and viewings of the French crown jewels. Cartier also has a secret jewelry workshop to which you can win a visit. Didn't even know there was a secret Cartier jewelry workshop? Me neither. Well done Cartier.