The inappropriate retro children's book art of Steven Rhodes turned into board and card games

Boing Boing readers are likely familiar with the art of Steven Rhodes (even if you don't know his name). He's the guy who sells TV shirts with images reminiscent of innocent 50s and 60s Dick and Jane and Little Golden Book cover art. Where those books sported titles (and accompanying art) like Dick and Jane Play and Pretend, Dick and Jane Fun With Our Family, and The Little Golden Book of Animal Friends, Rhodes' faux cover art carries titles like Let's Summon Demons, My First Knife Fight, and Sell Your Soul: Economic for Children (I own this one).

Now, Rhodes has teamed up with game makers Cryptozoic Studios (creators of the Rick & Morty boardgames and Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards) to crowdfund three games inspired by his artwork. The games are Let's Dig for Treasure (a push-your-luck cardgame of grave robbing), Let's Summon Demons (where kids of all ages sell their souls to become top the summoner), and Don't Talk to Strangers (an alien abduction boardgame).

Looks like loads of light (dark?) gaming fun for the whole family! Being funded on Kickstarter now.

Image: Promotion artwork.