Queen down to last corgi

Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and fifteen other realms, is down to her last corgi following the death of Vulcan, a corgi mix in her companionship since 2007. Now only Candy remains by her side.

Sources said the loss of her faithful companion was a blow to the 94-year-old monarch and has left her with just one remaining animal, Candy, also a Dorgi. Her loss also comes ahead of what might be the Queen's loneliest ever Christmas. The monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh, 99, are set to forgo the festivities spend the day 'quietly' at Windsor Castle – without forming a bubble with two other households. 

She doesn't wish to adopt any more corgis, reportedly, because she is now in her 90s and doesn't want to upset any by dying first. The Queen's corgis have their own Wikipedia page. The Belgians made an animated movie about them. It was not screened for critics.

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