Jeanine Pirro sloshily drags Bill Barr and Lara Trump says GA gov. Brian Kemp owes his job to Donald Trump, on Fox News (VIDEO)

Acyn Torabi, who captured this clip from Jeanine Pirro's show on Fox News tonight, is probably right when he says Trump may end up retweeting Jeanine's monologue attacking AG Bill Barr.

Lara Trump on "Judge Jeanine" trash-talked and appeared to threaten Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

"Governor Kemp owes his position to President Trump. It would be nice if he reciprocated."

Then, Lara Trump seemed to catch herself, and added, "He owes it to all of us," implying the voters.

MAGA devouring itself. You love to see it.

Watch all the clips @acyn grabbed, this is top shelf crazystuff.