These 20 deals on knives and knife sets can help slash your Cyber Week spending

Whether you're a skilled chef or can barely find your way around a kitchen, there are a few culinary instruments that are absolute must-haves – and a quality blade is right at the top of that list.

In fact, knives and knife sets might be one of the best subtly classy gift options around that work for virtually everybody. From a quality chefs knife to a multi-piece set that makes a kitchen truly complete, we gathered up 20 different Cyber Week deals on blades that can improve any meal prep, make a kitchen look whole, and even improve safety for those working with old, dull knives. And, if you enter the promo code DEC15 at checkout, you can take an additional 15% off your final purchase.

Single knives

Takara Santoku Knife Set – $18.69 after promo code; originally $69

From dicing to slicing to mincing, this 7-inch precision-forged blade stands ready. The sheep's foot tip maintains a fine cutting edge, while the matte walnut handle affords a comfortable grip, along with finely-honed balance. There's also an 8-inch sharpener to assure your blade is always in top condition.

Titan Forge Pro Series Knife – $23.79 after promo code; originally $29

This 6-inch fillet knife is crafted from high-carbon steel, vacuum, and heat-treated, then hand-sharpened for a screamingly sharp, double-bevel edge. The full tang design offers extra strength and durability, while the Crius handle ensures a heat, cold, and moisture-resistant grip so nothing slips. 

2-piece sets

Crimson G10 2-Piece Chef and Paring Knife Set – $55.24 after promo code; originally $99

The 8-inch chef knife along with a 3.5-inch paring knife from Ergo Chef both have wood grain finishes with durable fiberglass handles on blades crafted from ground German steel, with razor-sharp edges. From fruits and vegetables to meats, both blades can slice through your food with precision and a real dash of style.

Pacific67 Essentials 2-Piece Knife Set – $135.96 after promo code; originally $228

This 8-inch chef's knife and 5-inch utility knife duo cover two primary kitchen needs in one purchase. This set combines Japanese and Western blade design with an Asian steel cutting core and a 67-layer Damascus finish that give it that unique pattern. Both knives together can help chefs handle food prep tasks both big and small.

3-piece sets

SmartPan 3-Piece Knife Set – $13.59 after promo code; originally $39

Complete with a carving knife, santoku knife, and utility knife, this set instantly upgrades your cooking setup. The carving knife features a narrow blade that's perfect for working with fish, while the Santoku knife is perforated, so meat won't stick. Plus, they can all be stored in an attractive wooden holder until they're ready for use.

Hand-Forged Damascus Steel Chef Knife Set: 3 Pieces – $59.49 after promo code; originally $89

These durable, hand-forged blades can elevate any kitchen operation. In addition to maintaining their edge, Damascus Steel is also known for its unique, elegant patterns that bring extra panache to any kitchen. Of course, the 13, 11, and 9-inch blades with their comfortable pakka wood scale handles cut, carve, slice, and dice with ultra-hard edges, so they definitely aren't just for show.

4-piece sets

Zenko Knife Set – $76.49 after promo code; originally $139

Successfully funded via Kickstarter and Indiegogo, these Zenko blades feature premium high-carbon Japanese steel for long-lasting sharpness. Zenko knives are lighter and sharper with a reduced blade angle, and an edge that will hold longer for smooth, slicing motion, from the chef and santoku knives to the utility and paring blades. You also get a 2-step sharpener so your knives will last for years.

Edge of Belgravia blades

Precision 2-Piece Starter Chef Knife Set – $39.02 after promo code; originally $49

Precision Classic 4-Piece Knife Set – $67.92 after promo code; originally $79

Precision Professional 4-Piece Knife Set – $76.42 after promo code; originally $99

Precision knives are made by Edge of Belgravia, one of the world's most recognized bladesmiths. And, the unique look of all three of these Precision blade sets makes a bold, futuristic statement in any kitchen. First, the essential two-piece chef and knife-paring knife set sports supremely sharp stainless steel blades with ergonomic rubber-coated handles for real control of your cut.

Or, you can graduate to a classic four-piece that teams the chef and paring knives with a 6-inch serrated edge bread knife and a 5-inch Deba knife, primarily used to cut fish and other meats.

Finally, the Precisional Professional Set features an extra-large chef knife and bread knife as well as a 7-inch slicing knife with unique recesses so you can cut salmon, cured meat, or other items in the thinnest of slices. Add in the 6-inch filleting knife and you've got an attractive and ultra-versatile array of utensils for any meal prep.

Edge of Belgravia 5-Piece Ceramic Blade Knife Set – $110.42 after promo code; originally $370

Master chefs swear by Edge's Ceramic collection, with high-tech zirconium oxide blades that are second to diamond in hardness. They also feature lightweight, comfortable handles for superior cooking crafted by award-winning designer Christian Bird.

Black Diamond Knife Block and 4-Piece Precision Professional Knife Set – $144.42 after promo code; originally $215

Black Diamond Knife Block and 5-Piece Blue Primal Ceramic Knife Set – $143.65 after promo code; originally $359

What happens when you realize you need a place to hold all these knives? That's where the distinctive, angular Black Diamond float knife block has you covered. You can fit up to 11 knives in the Black Diamond, which also comes with either the 4-piece Precision Professional set or a 5-piece Ceramic collection with fashion-forward blue handles. 

Small Magnetic Knife Rack and 4-Piece Arondight Knife Set – $102.84 after promo code; originally $165

Teak Star Slim Cutting Board and 4-Piece Arondight Knife Set – $144.42 after promo code; originally $189

While they're a little more traditional in appearance from the Precision line, this 4-piece Arondight set isn't a fraction less effective. The 7.5" chef and bread knives, along with a second 6-inch chef knife and a 4-inch paring blade cover all your essential bases. And, you can choose what you get to accompany the set: a magnetic knife rack that stretches 19.5 inches that's big enough to hold even a cleaver; or a nearly 10-inch teak wood cutting board with all that wood's natural antimicrobial properties.

Full sets

Gotham Steel Pro Cut Stainless Steel 10-Piece Knife Set – $65.45 after promo code; originally $125

Perfectly balanced and ultra-sharp, this set from Gotham Steel retains that razor precision even after cutting tough meat or removing flesh from bones. Made from Japanese high carbon stainless steel, these blades include a non-slip comfort grip handle and specially designed scallops, so you can even slice cheese without worrying about it sticking.

Cuisinart Classic 15-Piece Cutlery Block Set – $76.49 after promo code; originally $109

Cuisinart is a kitchen brand that screams quality, which is exactly what you get from this 15-piece collection that includes shears and a set of six steak knives. Each of these precision-tapered ground blades are gradually narrowed into an extremely sharp, fine edge, then housed in a classic wood block for a perfect kitchen hub.

Crimson 15-Piece G10 Knife Block Set – $305.15 after promo code; originally $749

Crimson knives are fashioned from high-quality precision sharp German X50 steel blades with fiberglass resin handles that are amazingly strong. Each blade is heat-treated for long, durable edge life and the set comes with honing steel to keep your edges in precise alignment. You'll also get a 15-slot bamboo block to hold the entire collection together.

Ronco 20-Piece Knife Set – $42.49 after promo code; originally $89

Twenty blades essentially make you ready for anything. From a cleaver to a cheese knife, from saw, showtime and sportsman blades, to a rocker knife, shears, and more, all these blades have a full-tang handle and are triple-riveted for full control and lasting durability. 


Knife Aid: Online Sharpening Service for 5 Knives – $64.99; originally $69

Just in case you need a little extra help keeping your knives in prime shape, Knife Aid has your back. Drop five of your blades in a secure Knife Aid envelope, put 'em in the mail, then Knife Aid's expert bladesmen hone and sharpen them right back to their freshly-minted glory. It's almost like getting a new set of knives all over again.

Prices subject to change.