Mysterious illness with vomiting, seizures hits over 300 people in India

Over the weekend, more than 300 people in Eluru, India went to the hospital after coming down with an unknown illness that caused headaches, nausea, vomiting, and seizures. Some lost consciousness. None of the patients tested positive for Covid-19.

One man, age 45, who was brought to the hospital on Sunday, seemed to have recovered from seizures and nausea only to die from other symptoms.

From CBS:

The patients reported symptoms similar to those associated with epilepsy, including headaches, nausea, vomiting and seizures. The number of patients rose sharply throughout Sunday. By Monday morning 315 people were in a local hospital. More than 150 patients were released after treatment, but that left about half of those who were admitted with the unexplained illness still in Eluru's hospital. 

Doctors have not been able to establish the cause of the illness through blood tests, brain scans or cerebral spinal fluid tests. Results were still pending on some blood cultures and tests to look for the E. Coli bacteria. 

Image by Gospel For AsiaCC BY-SA 4.0