Star Trek: Discovery actors play D&D as a creative storytelling outlet

Actors Deborah Ann Woll (Daredevil, True Blood) and Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Justice League, Magic Mike) have talked about the value of actors playing D&D. Turns out, some of the cast of Discovery have discovered the same.

In this Dice Breaker piece, they reveal that a group of Discovery cast members have been playing the "Dragon of Icespire Peak" adventure module (which comes in the D&D 5e Essentials Kit).

First-time dice rollers and old hats alike found playing D&D helped them consider storytelling, acting and their own ways of thinking about the world in new ways. "I'm such an overthinker. And I'm so fearful of bad outcomes," Coutts says. "But I do things impulsively in this game and think, 'It's probably not going to be that bad.' And even if it is, it kind of just becomes another fun problem we get to figure out.

"I think I'm learning, maybe, to try that in real life someday."

Asked about the difficulty in performing in a sci-fi setting while playing in classic fantasy tropes, the party points instead to the similarities between Star Trek and D&D. Averbach-Katz says the moralistic core of any Star Trek iteration is alive in their game, investigating problem-solving without violence.

Wiseman highlights a key difference. "It's refreshing to be in a natural world, because Star Trek is almost totally non-organic. You're inside in the vacuum of space at all times," she says. "I don't think it's an accident that three or four of us have characters who are deeply, profoundly connected to nature."

Though they won't say anything definitively, Rapp mentions the party discussing the possibility of streaming or recording one-shot adventures that bring in other interested actors from the Star Trek: Discovery set. They clearly want to continue sharing the magic they've discovered at the tabletop with others.

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