Santa Claus now offering free personalized DeepFake videos, via Synthesia AI

From Debugger:

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like an A.I.-generated, deepfake Santa Claus delivering a personalized greeting to your loved ones. At least that's what Synthesia — a synthetic media startup based in the United Kingdom — is hoping for with their new Synthesia Santa tool, which launched last week.

Synthesia Santa allows you to type up a script on Synthesia's website (up to 300 characters or around 100 words), choose a festive holiday background, and press a button. After 15–30 minutes of processing time, you'll receive a link to a realistic video of Santa Claus (well, actually an actor in a Santa costume, but don't tell the children) reading your personalized script, complete with cheerful background music and animated falling snow. The service is free, but Synthesia collects your email address, which they use to send you your completed video.

Before you get too excited, Synthesia has some clear content guidelines:

Please keep your script professional and business related. Political, sexual, personal, criminal and discriminatory content will not be tolerated or approved.

Luckily, the first verse of "Fairytale of New York" got through the censors, as seen above.

Synthesia Santa

Deepfake Santa Claus Has Logged On [Thomas Smith / Debugger]