Start your booming new web development career with this in-depth training

In the age of COVID, Zoom meetings, and digital commerce, it's never been more crucial for a business or brand to have a strong, impactful web presence. Knowing how to build one is not simple, which is likely one of the reasons why web development is expected to be among the fastest-growing job sectors over the next five years.

Creating websites requires knowledge of several different disciplines, but it isn't quite the head-scratching nightmare many web novices might think. It does, however, require specific training in key areas like those taught in The Ultimate 2021 Web Developer and Designer Super Bundle.

As you'd expect from a collection of courses with such a grandiose name, this collection of 14 courses is a murderer's row of web training, packing in almost everything a new developer has to know to launch a career in this burgeoning field.

The trick to learning most new skills is to first get a firm grasp on the fundamentals. It's no different with web development, which means students need to start at the beginning.

The Web Development Fundamentals course will get the ball rolling, helping you to understand what web development is, the terminology, the tools of the trade, the common myths, and how to create a very simple web page. Next, Understanding How Websites Work explains some of the technical sides of how the web operates. If you never understood the steps in how your computer and web browser communicate and interact with a given website, you will after this training.

Students then move on to the holy trinity of web building: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Across four courses, you'll take in the basics of using HTML, which is the language of webpage structure. You'll dive straight into the key components — from base page structure, page titles, paragraphs, headings, and more to page link, input fields, and dropdown menus.  This training helps users build the skeleton for anchoring any website. 

Meanwhile, three additional courses explore CSS, the language that dictates how all that HTML appears to a website's visitors. Then, another three courses get into JavaScript, which is the actual code that makes the HTML and CSS do what you want.

The bundle closes with the most practical training of all. How to Get a Job as a Web Developer explains how the industry professionals do it, including helpful stuff like the secret way to get a job interview without submitting a resume, how senior developers get job offers quickly, and even how to get on a path to working at your dream company.

The Ultimate 2021 Web Developer and Designer Super Bundle is a nearly $1,900 value, but right now, it's all available for less than $3 per course, only $34.99.