Young kids will flip for this DIY starter drone — and they might even learn something

Every time a kid opens a present, you can watch them visually deflate the instant they realize the gift is something that's…sigh…good for them. In fact, you may very well hear an audible "ugh" as a reaction to gifts like socks or a notebook.

The trick is to rope 'em in with something that looks incredibly cool, but will actually force them to learn stuff.

You can hit your kid with the old educational bait-and-switch this holiday with something that is actually legitimately cool, like the DIY Building Block STEM Drone.

Engineered for kids 6 to 10 years old, this drone will definitely elicit instant joy because who doesn't like a toy that flies?  

And yes, this drone actually soars. With remote in hand, young pilots can get this 6-inch powerhouse in the air and run it through a set of aerial maneuvers. It's even engineered to do loads of cool tricks, like 360-degree stunt flips.

Of course, it's worth noting that the drone comes unassembled, which is where the learning comes in. Kids will follow the step-by-step instructions to build the drone into several different configurations. They'll have the opportunity to get creative about how the drone is constructed and will be learning the basic principles of aerodynamics along the way.

By taking into account basic physics like load balance and weight distribution, junior flyers will be naturally internalizing science facts and UAV technology, all while ostensibly just having fun. That 'STEM' isn't in the name of this drone just for show, you know.

Armed with this drone and all its parts, even young children will get a feel for construction and aeronautical design. Not to mention they'll finally take a break from playing video games.

This DIY Building Block STEM Drone is also at a season-friendly price, over 60 percent off its regular $129 retail cost, down to just $49.99 under this deal.

Prices are subject to change.