China university soccer game cancelled because players had dyed hair

A women's soccer game between China's Fuzhou University and Jimei University was cancelled on Saturday because players on both times apparently had dyed hair, verboten according to game regulations. From CNN:

The issue kicked off a frantic dash from coaching staff to secure black hair dye from nearby salons.

However, one player from Fuzhou University was ordered to leave the game after the opposition team reported that her hair was still "not black enough," Global Times reported[…]

"One of the rules regulates that hair dye is not allowed among players," a member of staff from Fuzhou University's PE department told Dazhong News, Global Times reported. "In practice, simple or partial dyeing is acceptable, but 'weird' colors are not allowed."The Campus Football Alliance said on Weibo that the league organizers' rules state that athletes will be disqualified if they "dye their hair, grow long hair (for boys), wear strange hairstyles, or wear any accessories." […]

"The players are primarily considered role models for society due to the influential role they can play with their elevated profiles," [said Wild East Football website founder Cameron Wilson]. "It's understandable that a country wants its football team to have a positive impact on the general population, but unfortunately the definition of what is positive in China seems very narrow."

image: Alex Neman (CC BY-SA 4.0)