Elfi can send your child a personalized video from Santa in less than 6 hours

We all realize this is going to be a very different Christmas this year. Travel plans are on hold, shopping is all cyber, and even some of the hallmarks of the season are forced to change course to accomodate a worldwide pandemic.

Of course, kids are feeling the brunt of these changes the hardest. One of those traditions taking a massive hit this year is the annual visit to see Santa. With many stores and malls cancelling their Santa meet and greets this season, you can still ensure your kids get some personal facetime with the big man himself, the same way they're doing everything this year – online.

An Elfi video from Santa is a fun way to maintain all the Christmas magic, even during these trying times. 

With your purchase, your child will receive a 6-9-minute personalized video message from Santa. Not only will Santa speak to your child by name, but he takes each kid on a guided tour of the North Pole, including a glimpse at the workshop, introductions to Elfi and the elves, and even a look at how Santa's extensive naughty-or-nice system works.

It only requires a few minutes of work on your end. When you get in touch with Elfi, they'll ask for a picture of your child and some other basic information. Once you've chosen one of seven different videos, Elfi gets to work. All you have to do is sit back and wait.

And, you won't have to wait very long. The Elfi turnaround time is almost as fast as Santa delivering presents on Christmas Eve. After you get the information to Elfi, your child should receive the MP4-formatted video to the inbox of your choice within a maximum of 6 hours. How's that for responsive?

Regularly $14, you can brighten up a child's life with a video message from Santa now at 30% off, only $9.99 while this deal lasts.

Prices subject to change.