How to paint miniatures to a high standard in an hour or less

I love painting game minis. It's one of my favorite things to do to relax, to escape, and to express my creativity. Sadly, I rarely get a chance to do it. Too many things to do, not enough hours in the day.

I also have a lot of unpainted minis. I mean A LOT. I could paint as a full-time job and still not run out for many months. I'm also a slow painter and one who obsesses over tiny details and wants to turn every figure into a special character and every base into a diorama.

So, I'm a sucker for videos like this that show you how to get a high-standard paint job fairly quickly. In this case, Chris claims to have painted the two teams from the new Blood Bowl Season Two boxed set in under an hour for each mini. His tricks include an airbrushed basecoating of black with a quick top-down air brushing of white (basically undershading) and the liberal use of washes and Citadel Contrast paints as washes. The results sure are beautiful. I already have painted Skaven and Goblin Blood Bowl teams, but I'm tempted to try painting my Orc team using this method.

Image: YouTube