Password that Florida data scientist Rebekah Jones allegedly used is publicly available

On Monday Florida's Department of Health conducted an armed raid at Covid data scientist Rebekah Jones' home because she had allegedly sent a message to 1,700 people on a state emergency-responder system urging them to "Be a hero. Speak out before it's too late."

But Ars Technica reports "that not only do all state employees with access to that system share a single username and password, but also those credentials are publicly available on the Internet for anyone to read."

Jones denies sending the message, telling CNN, "I'm not a hacker." According to Ars Technical, "investigators looked at system logs and identified an IPv6 address associated with the message, which they then determined to be connected to Jones' house." Here's a Twitter thread that discusses whether or not it's possible to pinpoint a user from an IPv6 address.