Google's Year In Search 2020

Google Trends has released the top search terms for 2020, and made this video to illustrate the overarching topics of what people searched for. It's a short but good look at the year, centered around the word "why," but then you see the actual lists of top searches in the US, and here are the top five that start with "why."

1 Why were chainsaws invented

2 Why is there a coin shortage

3 Why was George Floyd arrested

4 Why is Nevada taking so long

5 Why is TikTok getting banned

Welp. The chainsaw thing happened back in January, when a story went viral explaining that the chainsaw was invented to help with childbirth. The story's virality lasted all year, finally reaching TikTok late in the fall. But the trend list has plenty of other stuff that makes more sense. The global list is more consistent, with really big news at the top of every topic.

[via The Mary Sue]