Start your Hanukkah with this Cars-inspired Dreidel song

Jacob Wake Up! is the bass player in my rock band, the Roland High Life, as well as the guitarist in the Boston-based ska band the New Limits. But since the music world is, well, pretty slow right now, he decided to spend his downtime pursuing his true life goals: writing cheeky holiday power-pop songs.

And, as you can see and hear in the video, he has succeeded.

Jacob is the child of an interfaith marriage, and while he's always embraced his Jewish faith, he was also raised with a healthy love for corny Christmas tunes. "I avoided writing Hanukkah songs for a long time because I've always been careful not to let this minor holiday become 'Jewish Christmas.'" he says. 'I eventually reached a point where I just wanted more songs for me, my friends and my family to listen to.'

Of course, I'm biased; he's my bandmate, my friend, and I gave him early notes to help punch up the song. But now I can't get it out of my head, and neither can you.