This expert-led training bundle explains everything Google has to offer

As we all know, Google is more than just a search engine. Like most of the major players in the digital space over the last 30 years, Google has diversified far beyond the search engine they introduced in 1998. Now, Google is a brand name all its own, with an entire galaxy of online services under their umbrella, including everything from Chrome and Google Earth, to YouTube and the Google Play Store.

Just one of Google's chief objectives is offering business owners a full-service feast of tools for helping a brand grow. With the training in The Complete Google Master Class Bundle, owners and brand managers get a full 10-course exploration of everything available through Google, including productivity, advertising, and analysis tools that can work together to help inform better business decisions.

There may be no other web analytics package more impressive than Google Analytics, which is why four courses in this collection are spent digging deep into all of its capabilities. In this training, users learn how to maneuver through all that data, what GA's different dashboards can tell about your web traffic, conversions, and more – even what those stats can explain about your customers and their behaviors on your site.

While Google Analytics has customization options, that ability is intensified with Google Data Studio, so there's also a course that explains how to create fully optimized dashboards, full interactivity, and even more exciting features to gain insight about your business you'd never considered before.

Meanwhile, Google Docs has also grown into a major platform, allowing business teams to create together and foster better communication. Google Docs Part Of G Suite: Learn Google Docs in 1 Day breaks down how to create business documents, resumes, cover letters, reports, and more with Docs. Then, G Suite – Google Docs Introduction: Increase Productivity helps bring a workforce together, offering tools to improve communication and better a team's odds for success.

And, the Google tools don't stop coming. Further courseworks explore best practices for using Google Ads, steps for improving traffic through the use of Google Trends, and even steps for utilizing trusty Gmail to a business' benefit.

This collection is normally nearly $2,000, but right now, The Complete Google Master Class Bundle is available for about $4 per course, just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.