Watch this 1995 Nickelodeon weirdo Weinerville Chanukah Special

Weinerville was a surreal puppet and live action variety show for kids (although not really) that aired on Nickelodeon for two seasons from 1993 to 1994. (The show was created by puppeteer and actor Marc Weiner who went on to voice the also-odd Swiper the Fox character on Dora the Explorer.) After the series was cancelled, it returned for several special episodes including the cult favorite "Weinerville Chanukah Special" you can watch above. Here's the, er, plot as described on IMDB:

The Weinerville Gang is throwing a Hanukkah party at the Weinerville Ski Lodge. Upon preparations on the decorations, two aliens crash landed their ship at the lodge who both resemble giant potato pancakes. The aliens explain how they escape form their planet after being fed up with their planet's leader who forces his citizens to do anything with the powers of his ray gun. The gang decides to help them out buy buying vegetable oil at the local store and return to the lodge. While at the lodge the gang and the refuge aliens encounter the alien leader with his army have just taken over the Ski lodge. How will the gang be able to save their refuge friends from another world?