Apple II Myst demake

I don't have a VR headset, so can't check out the newfangled VR edition of classic exploration and puzzle game Myst from Cyan Worlds, launched last week to positive reviews. So instead I have to content myself with Vince Weaver's startlingly complete Apple II Myst demake.

I needed a break from my Another World Demake and somehow was thinking about Myst. Could you do a credible version of Myst on an Apple II in lo-res mode? The answer seems to be just barely. I think you could also make a nice version with hi-res graphics, but they are 8 times bigger and it would be harder to fit on a reasonable number of disks. One observation, Myst island is very dark and brown. Maybe a system with lots of browns (hello C64!) would work better.

It does it all in text-mode, and as he notes you really get a sense that something closer to the original's pre-rendered 3D splendor would be possible with later 8-bits, so long as they were fitted with disk drives. Here is an interesting set of the backdrops filtered to the C64's resolution and pallette.