Manage a cyberpunk slum/resort in this fun online game

Cyberpunkland is a turn-based strategy game by Adi Robertson, Alex Castro and William Joel. It's about managing Blade City, a futuristic dystopian environment that's both a theme park and a slum, depending on your relationship to it. The challenge is to maintain an optimal level of grittiness, developing boutique drugs and cultivating gang violence, to attract wannabe cyberpunks. Unfortunately, the people who already live there—and any revenue-generating advertisers you sell neon to—keep cleaning the place up. As Blade City grows, new purchases and problems are unlocked. Fun and polished, it's light on the complicated clicker/incremental grind often seen in text games (though it gets there after a while) and more like simple classics such as Taipan! and Drugwars. And it's a fantastic flash tour of every Cyberpunk trope you ever saw, with at least three endings to choose from.

Omnipresent advertising is theoretically part of any good dystopian future. Unfortunately, Xoxl has to run ads for actual products from outside Blade City. These campaigns will damage the city's gritty atmosphere.

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