Good news: Ikea Monkey is living his best life

It's the uplifting "Where are they now?" file we all need to hear right now. Back in 2012, a Japanese macaque monkey named Darwin entered pop culture history, and all of our hearts, when he was photographed in a puffy shearling coat at a Canadian Ikea, staring forlornly out of the glass lobby door.

The internet couldn't get enough of him. Meanwhile, Darwin's owners were located and subsequently forced to surrender him. He didn't wind up on the streets though. Instead, he found a new home at Story Book Farm, Canada's only primate sanctuary. The sanctuary reports on their website that Darwin is thriving in his new fashion-free environment. He even has a Curious George doll that he practices his grooming techniques on and bathes in a pool.

Fortunately, Darwin has adjusted to sanctuary life by being surrounded by other macaques who have taught him appropriate monkey behaviours such as grooming and learning that he isn't necessarily first in line to get treats and meals. He has grown up to be a handsome young monkey.

Positive outcomes are few and far between in the exotic animal trade so let's all celebrate Darwin's happy ending.