Here are deals on 15 awesome chargers and power banks

Without power, all these devices and gadgets we love so much are little more than glorified doorstops. And, some of them are too small to even do that very well.

For the person on your holiday list who always seems to have a dead phone whenever you try to reach them, give 'em one of these portable chargers, power banks or, charging accessories, all available now with healthy Green Monday discounts. In fact, you can even take an additional 20% off for a limited time by using the promo code GREEN20 when you check out. 

Now, those people will have to come up with all new excuses for dodging your calls and texts. 

LifePowr A3 Portable Outlet – $147.99 after promo code; originally $250

You see lots of hubs with USB or HDMI connectivity, but not a lot with an AC outlet. But, right along with a USB-C port and two USB-A ports, the LifePowr A3 also features an AC plugin. You can power a wider range of devices, and it's even got pass-through charging abilities for added flexibility.

HyperCharger X Wireless Charger: 2-Pack – $23.99 after promo code; originally $60

A CES Best of Innovation Award winner, this powerful wireless charging power bank holds up to 6,000mAh of juice and serves up to 7.5 watts of Qi-compatible power for your wireless devices. Yep, it's as thin as an iPhone, and it's also got its own wireless charging pad for all your on-the-go power-ups.

RAVPower 20,000mAh Dual Port Power Bank – $19.99 after promo code; originally $36

The problem with any large capacity batteries is that they can take forever to recharge once they're drained. That's not a problem for this RAVPower 20,000mAh capacity behemoth, which can recharge in a speedy 9 to 10 hours. And, it's got 3 USB ports for getting a handful of devices back to full strength quickly, too.

SoloQi PRO All-in-One Wireless Charger and Power Bank – $55.99 after promo code; originally $69

The SoloQi Pro can do both wired and wireless charging from its 7,000mAh battery store, which means it can power up two devices at once. It's also got a pair of Mag Pads, which lock the device in place for maximum charging efficiency and a kickstand so you can charge while using your phone in any position.

HyperGear Solar 10,000mAh Power Bank – $27.99 after promo code; originally $39

The sun is the biggest power source in this galaxy — so tap into it with this power bank's high-efficiency solar cells that convert an industry-leading 21 to 25% of the sun's rays into solar energy. Now, you'll never be without power, even if you have a dead battery.

Naztech 20,000mAh 18W PD and QC3.0 Fabric Power Bank – $47.99 after promo code; originally $89

At a beefy 20,000mAh of power, you can charge most phones up to six times on a single charge. It also powers up compatible Qualcomm QC 3.0 devices four times faster than standard chargers, and it's got all kinds of safety features, including temperature regulation, and overvoltage, short-circuit, and overcurrent protection.

Sun Chaser 20,000mAh Solar-Powered Wireless Phone Charger – $47.99 after promo code; originally $129

Not only is this solar-powered power bank packing a huge 20,000mAh capacity, it's also got a Qi-standard wireless charger and even a built-in LED flashlight. Of course, the solar panels for constant recharging with some help from the sun doesn't hurt either.

QiStone+ Wireless Portable Charger – $23.99 after promo code; originally $79

Don't overlook the need for a quality aesthetic for your charger. The QiStone has a very stone-like quality that sets it apart from the standard plastic and gunmetal grey of many chargers. But, not many stones can wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled devices with 4,000mAh of power.

Porta 3-in-1 Power Bank for Phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods – $39.99 after promo code; originally $119

This 3-in-1 performer can wirelessly charge your Apple Watch and your AirPods while it also feeds power to your Android or iOS smartphone. It's even got its own compartment to hold your AirPods when you don't need them, helping to consolidate all your EDC items.

ChargeWorx 10,000mAh Dual USB Slim Power Bank – $15.19 after promo code; originally $39

With this power bank's 10,000mAh charging capacity, you can not only get up to 75 extra hours of use out of your devices, but there's also a charging indicator so you can keep track of the power you still have in store. This charger is also ultra-slim, ensuring it doesn't feel like you're carrying a brick around with you for your recharging needs.

SuperMini 10,000mAh Charger and SuperCord USB-C to Lightning Cable – $46.39 after promo code; originally $114

Zendure SuperHub Charger and Hub with Dual PD – $55.99 after promo code; originally $99

Zendure SuperPort 4 USB-C PD Desktop Charger – $79.99 after promo code; originally $129

Zendure has a whole collection of super compact devices to keep all your recharging and connectivity tasks handled. While the SuperMini is only the size of a credit card, it's also super-charged, packing a 10,000mAh capacity. Sporting a power store more common to larger, bulkier batteries, this one fits easily in your pocket and still has the juice to extend your phone use for an extra 2 to 3 days.

Meanwhile, the SuperHub is also a credit-card-sized power adapter and hub 2-in-1 with dual USB-C PD ports, as well as 5Gbps data transfer abilities. You can even plug in an HDMI connector and outport pure 4K quality video.

As for the SuperPort 4, it can charge the latest USB-C devices at top-speed, including a MacBook Pro, MacBook, iPad Pro, iPhone 11, Nintendo Switch, and more. With its fast charging powers, it's no wonder than it can recharge the 27,000mAh SuperTank in just two hours–that's seven times faster than using a traditional 10-watt charger.

Rush Charge Air: 2,500mAh Apple Lightning Battery Charger – $17.60 after promo code; originally $24

Rush Charge Max: 3,600mAh Apple Lightning Battery Charger – $26.40 after promo code; originally $33

These mini-chargers are the perfect throw-'em-in-your bag answer to fast power-up situations. They plug right into your device with no cable needed, feeding power even while you use your phone. At 2 oz., it's incredibly lightweight and it's even equipped with pass-through technology for charging your phone at the same time you're reenergizing your charger.

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