Sleep peacefully in 2021 with these comfortable, discounted pillows

They seem innocent enough. But without trumping up local news exposé levels of hysteria here…your pillow could actually be hurting you.

Sure, they appear like happy, cloud-like wads of fluff, but the right pillow is actually pretty integral to you getting a good night's sleep. With too much or too little support, your pillow could be contributing to neck pain. For people with sleep apnea, pillows can interfere with CPAP treatments, even knocking the mask off. And, if you aren't comfortable, it can lead to sleep deprivation that affects your mood, cognitive abilities, and even your appetite. 

The right pillow is key. Right now, check out these 15 different pillow options, each available now at extended Green Monday prices. By entering the promo code GREEN20 when you make your purchase, you can take an extra 20% off the total cost.

Pillows Under $50

Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow – $17.59 after promo code; originally $40

This hypoallergenic rayon bamboo cover around the shredded memory foam fill offers cool, soft support that adjusts to your weight for pressure-free sleep. It's hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, as well as temperature-smart, adjusting to your body's heat and movement for a more restful sleep.

Sable Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover – $23.99 after promo code; originally $39

This pillow is packed with 20% more foam than other pillows, allowing users to adjust and redistribute the filling to maximum comfort. Plus, the comfortable, plushy memory foam is certified as completely safe by internationally renowned CertiPUR-US.

Cool N' Comfort Gel Fiber Pillow: 2-Pack – $29.59 after promo code; originally $149

This pillow brings with it the latest in Coolmax technology, keeping your pillow cool and dry throughout the night. Made with 100% polyester down-alternative fine gel fiber, this pillow never goes flat, while providing support for your neck and head when sleeping on your side, back, or stomach.

Carbon SnoreX 8-in-1 Cooling Pillow – $39.19 after promo code; originally $99

Can a pillow really handle eight different tasks at once? The Carbon SnoreX checks every box, protecting against allergens and bacteria, eliminating odors, absorbing excess moisture, and regulating temperature among its varied abilities. The specially designed Carbon Bamboo charcoal can also absorb toxins, help prevent mold growth, and also purify the air.

Pur Cool Gel Pillow (Extra Large) – $39.99 after promo code; originally $99

Crafted in super plush gel fiber, the Pur Cool is tailored for maximum comfort, no matter your sleeping position. The no-shift construction keeps your head stable throughout the night, while the dust-mite, mold, and mildew-resistant properties combine for a complete allergen and chemical-free sleep.

Pillows Under $100

Yaasa Memory Foam Pillow – $55.99 after promo code; originally $79

Whether you're a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or even a stomach sleeper, this memory foam pillow serves up just the right neck support for a better, deeper rest. This pillow is also designed with pin core ventilation for increased airflow and breathability, and added comfort from the luxury knit cover.

Arctic Chill Super Cooling Gel Fiber Pillow: 2-Pack – $55.99 after promo code; originally $199

Filled with 100% hypoallergenic polyester gel, this pillow duo provides the softness of down with the perfect level of support. As a medium-weight pillow, this cushion shifts with you throughout the night, while always keeping cool and dry with its moisture-wicking fabric.

Refresh Memory Foam Pillow – $63.20 after promo code; originally $109

As if the highly breathable foam and cover working together for the coolest and most comfortable night's sleep imaginable wasn't enough, this memory foam is also infused with soothing green tea essential oil to help relax your muscles. It's also got a lower loft, which makes it perfect for stomach or back sleepers.

Soft Stomach Sleeper Down Alternative Pillow: 2-Pack – $67.96 after promo code; originally $149

These are pillows with heavy duty construction and longevity on their minds. Filled with cool, hypoallergenic poly gel fiber, these head clouds are covered in a soft-brushed microfiber shell with MicronOne technology, offering premium protection against dust, mites, and even bedbugs. And they look pretty fabulous, too.

Urban Bloom Domus Pillow – $68.76 after promo code; originally $109

Engineered with a quilted-soft, removable, and washable Lux-Loft outer cover that keeps your head cool, this pillow has the horses under the hood as well. Inside, the memory foam core distributes consistent pressure that opens air channels for dramatically increased air circulation, offering you a cooler pillow – and easier sleep.

CarbonIce 7-in-1 Bacteria Protection and Cooling Pillow – $71.19 after promo code; originally $129

Kickstarter fans funded the CarbonIce Pillow to the tune of over $300,000. Featuring Activ-Air technology that enhances breathability, this 7-in-1 pillow lets you choose your firmness with its dual memo-density system. And, with four dimensions of comfort, it aligns the spine and relieves head, neck, and shoulder pain.

Moonbow Adjustable Plush Memory Pillow – $79.20 after promo code; originally $119

The Moonbow includes five removable layers of memory foam so you can adjust the thickness of the pillow to match the head and neck alignment you want. Luxuriously dense, yet super plush, this memory foam construction allows for just the personalized comfortable sleep you need.

Comfy Night Pillow Set for Perfect Sleep – $79.99 after promo code; originally $198

If one pillow can't do the trick, better make it three. This orthopedic set features a knee pillow, a wedge pillow, and a half-roll pillow that all work together to correct your posture. You may not think you need three pillows, but once you see how each contours perfectly to your body for realignment and improving your sleep, you'll be a believer.

Aromatherapy Memory Foam Pillow – $79.99 after promo code; originally $129

The memory foam provides the quick response feel of instant support for your head and neck, while the full core air chambers disperse heat and release a cool airflow. But, the real selling point here is the subtle mint aromatherapy scent that encourages relaxation and lulls you to sleep peacefully.

Aloe Ice Pillow Gel – $87.20 after promo code; originally $109

If you want to talk about cooling airflow in your pillow, how about the Aloe Ice, offering soothing air distribution 3,000 times more than standard foam pillows. Adapting to the natural shape of your body, the Sleep Cool technology also provides all the heat-dissipating materials to keep you at the perfect sleeping temperature all night long.

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