With Trump's executive order Christmas Eve will be a federal holiday this year

Donald J. Trump considers himself a Christian, though he does not go to church regularly, read the Bible (or read anything, really), follow the teachings of Christ or display any actual Christian values and has secretly mocked others' prayers. And for some reason it seems important to him to fight this imaginary war on Christmas. Giving federal employees the day off on December 24th, Christmas Eve, is his cannon-fire against substandard religions and atheists apparently.

via The Independent:

With Christmas Eve off, federal workers will have a four-day weekend to celebrate the holiday. According to reports, it was previously thought the president would give federal employees a half-day off on the Thursday, as that was what President Obama and President Clinton did when Christmas fell on a Friday.

"It's that easy, huh? How about making Election Day a federal holiday? Long overdue. Let's make it happen in 2021," one person tweeted, tagging president-elect Joe Biden.

Yeah, Twitter person. What about Election Day? Nice point.