Electric shock male chastity device for you

Want a nice constricting plastic apparatus on your nether regions giving you electric shocks? Well, this male chastity bird cage device might be what you or your loved ones are looking for. Though it's not quite a male chastity belt, many consumers remark about the snug fit this product offers.

It's featured in black, pink or clear plastic, with a brass padlock on the top. There is an embedded urethral plug that comes in different sizes. I don't even know my hat size.

An E-controller is an add-on one may use to fine tune the pecker shocks. One may give the controlling device to their partner to be at their mercy and be caught off-guard by the zaps, increasing the thrill. If I were into this kind of abuse, I think this product would make a lot of sense.

I look forward to all of the sex things that will now be marketed to me on-line following some of my searches in connection with this post.