Buy a tiny house at IKEA

IKEA has now joined the tiny home craze and is selling a 187 sq ft. tiny house for US$50,000.

As my friend Jayme, who posted it on Facebook, said, just don't let me shop at IKEA ever again after moving into a 187 sq. ft house!

Built as part of the Ikea Tiny Home Project, the trailer is a customized version of Escape's Vista Boho XL model. The added features include solar panels, composting toilets, and an on-demand heated water supply, powered by the trailer, Lonely Planet reports. Potential buyers can get a better idea of what their new abode might look like through an online shopping experience created by Vox. The Ikea-specific website allows audiences to explore the home and buy furniture or other knickknacks to personalize their tiny home. 

Note: The project website doesn't appear to exist yet.

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H/t Jayme McLellan

Image: Josiah and Steph Photography